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Full On! was was Created and Written by Michael Crump, it is set in the year 2052 and is about a young boy named King Blaza who seeks to become the best YouCard Holder in the world , what is a YouCard Holder? only those who play the best game in the universe known as YouCard. But first before he can become the best he has to become better than his older brother and that is not a easy task. Full On! is due for its pilot episode sometime in 2017.

Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to the Full On! Wiki. As episodes release this wiki will update to keep you posted on everything that has to do with Full On!


  1. King Blaza
  2. Debbin Blaza
  3. Calo
  4. Aya
  5. Lesha

The Creator

Full On! was written and Created by Michael Crump and Produced by his company Pure Lion Productions. Pure Lion Productions currently consist of a 7 person team that are aiming to release a 10 episode season, the pilot episode is due to release sometime this year.


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